RHM Consulting 

Data Analysis And Process Software Enabling Innovation And Adaptive Process Control


Technology Engaged

Consistent with their return, projects conducted by RHM Consulting go significantly beyond the pale of standard statistical analyses or the "six sigma" practices commonly found within industry.  Hence the methods and computational tools applied are several steps past the shrink wrap fare used against more ordinary, and typically lower value, problems.  These include:


       - Sequential Optimization
       - Parallel Coordinate Data Analysis
       - Geometric Process Modelling and Control
       - Multi-dimensional Fault Detection
       - Univariate Pattern Recognition
       - Dimensional Analysis
       - Adaptive Control



For an engineering consulting and services organization, there is little more satisfying than the endorsement of repeat business.  Yet, in technical consulting, there is also an obligation of knowledge transfer to one's client.  Hence, RHM Consulting will only apply tools and technologies which can also be made available to clients through either its agencies and those of affiliates, or directly from the commercial market.  No black magic here... only tools and the wit, harvested from long experience, of their application.



These are negotiated on a contract basis, per project, and will vary based on the activity and technology required.  This can range from simple teaching of data analysis disciplines using commercial systems to manufacturing line analysis and process optimization followed by adaptive control.  Data, and the infrastructure necessary to consistently acquire it, are the only prerequisites while assignments of all but trivial complexity will typically require report writing as well as presentation to sponsoring management.  Given approval for information release and expense coverage external presentation of results, generally with a member of your organization, at industry or academic forums is complimentary.

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