RHM Consulting 

Data Analysis Driving Process Management, Quality Management, Continuous Improvement And Discovery

This is code cracking for fun and profit, with activities as varied as our clients.  To generalize, we focus on data analysis and the exploitation of patterns as well as relationships found.  Hence

       - Financial Market Data
       - Medical Research Data
       - Website Transaction Data
       - Chemical Manufacturing Data
       - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Data
       - Semiconductor Product Engineering Data
       - Metals, Cement, and Building Materials Manufacturing Data

among many others, have all been topics of intense scrutiny which unearthed knowledge that had previously lain undiscovered.  Many of these breakthroughs were subsequently exploited, either industrially, by active optimization or adaptive control system implementation for commercial gain, or to further the cause of scientific research.  Instances which can be placed fully in public domain are rare, but active optimization or adaptive control projects often deliver particularly high return yielding, in an extreme case from semiconductor manufacturing operated at very high throughput, roughly 100M USD in benefit.


Nox Reduction Profile
in lbs per

MBtu as a function of run number in

power plant optimization project. 

Analogous results were achieved

for Heat Rate per MW of power

and hence fuel consumption as

well as greenhouse gas








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